Scrapbook-like Sticky Notepad

Brain;Notes is available on the Apple App Store.

Brain;Notes Organizes Your Ideas And Improves Intellectual Productivity.

Brain;Notes offers the effective intelligence organization using sticky notes that contain not only the text but also the meta-information such as audio, location information, URLs and photos. It aims to contribute to enhance the intellectual productivity of users.


Brain;Notes is scrapbook-like notepad app using sticky notes. Just like the other apps, sticky notes have text data. The text data is main contents. But the other data such as audio, location information, URLs and photos can be included in the sticky notes as meta-information. The meta-information and the text is always in pairs, then they can be managed comprehensively. Therefore Brain;Notes will help you organize your ideas and information efficiently. You can also use it in various ways depending on your ideas, such as mind maps and so on.

Brain;Notes has multiple workspaces for managing sticky notes that you can freely place. Each sticky note is belong to a workspace and cannot be used in any other workspace. However, you may want to view sticky notes created in other workspaces in the current workspace, and Brain;Notes provides a "Shared" feature for sticky notes. With this feature, you can display a sticky note on a specified workspace. Note that this is not a duplicate of the sticky note. Similarly, if you want to display a specific sticky note on all workspaces, you can use the "Stable" feature.

Brain;Notes also allows you to set an individual wallpaper for each workspace. You can set any wallpaper you like for each workspace. Also, if you want to keep the text content of a sticky note secret, you can lock the sticky note with biometric authentication (Face ID or Touch ID). Furthermore, Brain;Notes supports the "Share" feature of the iPadOS. You can send data from other apps (e.g. Voice Memos, Maps, Photos, Safari) to Brain;Notes. You can use Brain;Notes to do intellectual activities in a fun and safe way there.

Brain;Notes is basically menu-driven and very easy to use. However, creating URL notes and location notes is a bit more complicated. If you have any trouble for creating their notes, please watch the video for operation.

Download Brain;Notes from the Apple App Store

Brain;Notes is free to use on all iPadOS (later 15.3) devices.

Brain;Notes - Scrapbook-like notepad app using sticky notes for iPadOS | Product Hunt